Vstup do hry

30.12.2013 - aaa

Youth school changes:

The estimation of quality of 16 and 17 years old youth school players will be less accurate. You can now scout their quality with great precision. You can do it by clicking on (?-?) text next to the player's quality, you enter your guess of the quality (1 - 100 value), for example 70 and you will get a response if his quality is lower or higher than your guess. If his quality is higher (70-?) will be displayed, if his quality is lower (?-70) will be displayed. You can subsequently find out almost exact value of his quality if you use more scouting guesses on one player. You have several guesses per week for free, based on your scouting department level.

Potential works the same as quality.

You can now choose the primary skill of youth players form all 8 basic skills. You can change primary skill of your youth more often.

The youth school AI estimation is now less precise. This estimation will be updated every day, so you can calculate the average value.

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