Sign into the game

General Rules :
- Ignorance of the rules is no excuse, nor any reason for lenience, make sure you know the rules
- Enforcement of the rules is determined by a game administrator at his own discretion

It is forbidden to :
- arrange a transfer with another team in such a way that one team is favoured over the other, regardless of method
- name your team, stadium or manager with any indecent or inflammatory names
- take advantage of bugs or omissions from the rules and in doing so violating the spirit of competition
- register in other than your own real country (in case your country exists)
- its forbidden to buy player for a price that is much higher than his real market value
- insult, threaten or declaim other managers on discussions and game mail
- the use of swearwords
- to advertise other online games
- comment the GMs (Game Masters) and MODs (Moderators) decisions and comment the punishements on discussions. If you find the decision or punishment not appropriate, contact the GM or MOD who made the decision by email or HA mail
- its forbidden to post a message which breaks the law, or advertises crimes (applies to discussion and HA mail)
- you can advertise a player currently being on the market only in special discussion called Transfers. You can advertise your interest for a friendly match only in special discussion called Friendly matches
- its forbidden to highlight your discussion topic using special characters or uppercase, bumping, i.e. replying needlessly to a thread to raise its status in order to promote yourself or the content of the thread is also forbidden
- its forbidden to spam discussions and mail - for example by creating multiple messages with the same text
- only national language or english is allowed on national discussions

Playing for more than one team :
- Each player is allowed to control only 1 team
- its forbidden to login into another account at all events
- its forbidden to give your own account to another person

Why is playing for more teams forbidden ?
Every team in this game means more load on the server, every team slows the game down a little and increases the running costs of the project. Because we provide the game for free, we want the game to be accessible to everyone and also keep good performance of the game, one person is allowed to control only one team.
This is strictly forbidden if you use the same IP address (or the same PC):
- get players from each other - either buy them or sign the UFA players
- these violations result commonly in a permanent ban of all the accounts!

Sacking a manager :
- manager will be sacked by his team if : he is inactive for 21 days, he does not login to his team within, 3 days from assignment of a team (counting from the night update in which a team was assigned), or if a team has less than 20 players .
If the current team's balance reaches below -50 000 000 manager's account will be blocked. In case that his balance comes back above this limit account will be enabled - the manager will have exactly one login to correct this problem.

All situations, not covered within these rules, will be treated individually.