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Digital services :
Sponsor pack is a digital service for managers who want to have the best feeling and fun out of playing Hockey Arena. Buying this service, the manager doesn't get an unfair advantage over other teams, but he gets a bunch of addtional features, that make Hockey Arena more enjoyable to play (for instance its team logo, or press news). Detailed information about the sponsor pack.

Refund policy :
Subscription purchases may be reversed and refunded at full value within 15 days of purchase if the customer is not satisfied with the product in question.

The Customer is entitled to a monetary refund of any digital service, if representative of operator of Hockey Arena, or persons delegated by the operator, refuse his or her access to Such a refusal may happen if the customer has been found to violate the rules of Hockey Arena. In such a case, the locked user may request a monetary refund at a value proportionate to the remaining time of the service in question. Alternatively, a locked user may count the remaining time of the service towards a future team.

The distinct identification of each customer (for monetary refund purposes) is the email specified in user registration or changed later in game setup.

Personal information :
We collect and archive data you provide us within our web portal, or otherwise. We use these data only for internal needs aiming to satisfy as much as possible your requirements upon our company. Our business activities do not focus on receiving information on our customers! We do not trade data concerning our customers and respect in our activities the principles of privacy protection and personal data protection.